Realtors in MD – HOTTEST Real Estate Market

Realtors in MD – we are your Top Baltimore Realtors Hey guys, it’s me Josh with Impact Home Team based here in Timonium, Maryland, just north of Baltimore. And this is my buddy, Chris Stumbroski, we team up on a lot of deals and we wanted to do a video today on a market update … Continued

realtors in md

Realtors in MD – Waterfront Homes for Sale

Realtors in MD present – Waterfront Homes For Sale in Maryland – Let The North Star Team of Keller Williams Legacy assist you! We are your top Realtors in MD and are ready to assist with your next home purchase or sale of waterfront property in Maryland!

10 Tips for Selling Your House in Baltimore

There are all kinds of advice and tips from lots of “experts” about how to sell your house and sell it fast. Sometimes the advice sounds good, and sometimes it seems pretty bizarre. But when you distill all that advice down to its basic essence, you get pretty much the same thing across the board … Continued

Why You Need To Have An Open House For Your Baltimore Home

Once upon a time not so long ago, it was just standard procedure to have an open house as part of the process of selling a home. Now, though, many consider the practice outdated, not very useful, and just a way for your agent to generate leads. But combined with a robust online marketing strategy, open houses … Continued

How To Stay Positive When Selling Your House in Baltimore

Very often people list their home for sale expecting a quick sale at the asking price, thinking buyers will immediately fall in love with it because they love it so much. But the reality is usually very different. Buyers see all the flaws, the price keeps getting negotiated down, and/or the house sits on the … Continued

5 Ways Baltimore Real Estate Has Changed In The Past Few Years

Like all other commodities, the real estate market is constantly going through a metamorphosis that is affected by a slew of factors – both direct and indirect. Let’s help to realign your perception regarding the current state of affairs by covering 5 ways Baltimore real estate has changed in the past few years. Low Inventory … Continued